We Holding On To What's Golden

I use the Golden Ratio (ϕ, φ) so, so much in my design and layout work that I find myself bringing up a calculator to get golden dimensions basically all the time.

To make things easier for myself, I wrote a simple Golden Ratio Calculator yesterday evening. I used Dojo Toolkit. It's got a slider that affects the size of a+b, and three number spinners for a+b, a, and b that will affect the other three when changed.

Toddlers and Tiaras Drinking Game

In an attempt to give you alcohol poisoning, the following is a set of rules for a Toddlers and Tiaras drinking game. It was devised sometime between this past Christmas and New Year's by Becky, Jessie, and myself.

… I encourage you to sip your drinks.

The rules are when the phenomenon is spotted, you have to call out the below bullet point and drink.

Falling Short

It infuriates me when people call out what they believe to be the shortcomings and misdeeds of others, yet conveniently ignore their own. Particularly on my mind is this: I'm a Christian, and I'm just disgusted by other Christians who speak out against the LGBT community in demeaning, threatening, or accusatory ways.

In Matthew chapter 7, Jesus himself is recorded as saying:

Friday Afternoon Penmanship

As I sit here at work — hopelessly distracted — I ponder the origin of the massive kink in my neck and debate which flavor of soda I should retrieve from the refrigerator.

I heave a heavy sigh as I type this, for the batteries in my CD player have just died. After fumbling awkwardly almost upside-down, I have successfully transposed the fresh, warm, full batteries in the charger under my desk with the recently depleted ones in the CD player.

A Moment of Silence, Gamers…

Gary Gygax, also known as the Father of Role-playing Games, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, and creator of the Greyhawk campaign setting passed away this morning at the age of 69.

I have a great deal of respect for his creativity, the rich world of Greyhawk he created, and his countless contributions to gaming.

In an interview, he was quoted as saying:

Bad Joke Reisering

Okay, so the murder trial against Hans Reiser started.

Did he do it? Who knows. If he did, he obviously would have used this shell command.

"I didn't kill my wife, I just sent a SIGTERM to my mother-in-law's child process."

Sound Advice on Giant Robots

I want you all to read this post.

Today I stopped by Best Buy on the way home from work to pick up Doctor Strange: The Sorceror Supreme. While there I swung by the anime section just to see if there were any good deals. There it sat on the shelf.

Giant Robo. Box set. Fifteen dollars and ninety-nine cents.


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