An Ode to NekoCon 2007

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My Neko-con experience in rhyme:

  • We got there at 230 in the morning. Amusing mutated staff infection warning.
  • Sucked Evan's jagon. Becky got her rag on.
  • Went to Corey's and had a plate of curry; they broke out Catan I left in a hurry.
  • Partied with the Monkeys in 928. Slept on an air mattress that liked to deflate.
  • A couple of assholes at Golden Corral; the nerds they were joking still had their morale.
  • A half hour of wifi cost me 10 bucks. We watched some anime with Internet ducks.
  • Video room sucked so we set up our own; Would have brought some DVDs had I foreknown.
  • A guy threw a bottle that bounced off our hood. I said "Don't kill him", B. said she should.
  • Talked to Ollie about Quantum Computing. I might join Evan next time they go shooting.
  • Gifted with Initial D cards; Laughed at several b-tards.
  • Horrible service for Japanese cuisine. Lindsey says she's only seventeen.
  • Cop says we're speeding and I say no way. Hit up on-demand for Superman: Doomsday.
  • Missed all my homeys that stayed away. Guess I'll just see you at AUSA.

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