April 2015

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!


Yet another light novel series made its way into an anime adaptation. Picture a bloodthirsty demon king hell-bent on the domination of the world of Enta Isla. When confronted by a group of heroes, he flees through a portal that whisks him off to modern day Tokyo. Devoid of magic power, the demon king is forced to become a Regular Joe named Sadao Maou and get a job at a fast food joint. This one clocks in at thirteen episodes and covers the first three volumes of the light novel series.

We Holding On To What's Golden

I use the Golden Ratio (ϕ, φ) so, so much in my design and layout work that I find myself bringing up a calculator to get golden dimensions basically all the time.

To make things easier for myself, I wrote a simple Golden Ratio Calculator yesterday evening. I used Dojo Toolkit. It's got a slider that affects the size of a+b, and three number spinners for a+b, a, and b that will affect the other three when changed.

Tokyo Ravens


Based on a light novel series of the same name, this anime tells the story depicted in the first nine volumes of the light novels. Spellcasting in the modern day, familiars, and mass-produced magic devices. Thematically, the story is about lies: the lies we tell others and the lies we tell ourselves.