You Have Our Gratitude

I'm just your typical ugly, giant bag of mostly water. I couldn't possibly have made every last pixel of this website without the help of the fantastic works of others.

We are building a website of extraordinary magnitude.

The Visual

I'd like to offer a respectful tip of the hat to 上山根 祐輔 for the Fugue icons (CC-BY 3.0), and to P.J. Onori for the Sanscons icons (CC-BY-SA 3.0).

Love, peace, and grease to the makers of the font families littered around this design: Ubuntu, Open Sans, Droid, and Press Start 2P.

This site uses gratuitous amounts of the Golden Ratio. I also use the Fibonacci sequence to determine my font sizes (16, 24, 40, 64). I've aimed for a leading of 20 pixels; everything should be on a 20×20 grid. See for yourself! You can use ALT+g to toggle the grid on and off! I use mobile-first, responsive styles. The minimum width is 320, and there are breakpoints at 560, 760, 940, 1000, 1100, and 1200.

An esteemed colour lover by the name of electrikmonk created a palette called fresh cut day that I loved so much I decided to use it as the basis for this site's design.

The Backbone

You've probably figured it out, but behind the covers, this baby runs Drupal. What you didn't know — but is awesome — is that I also use PostgreSQL and let Amazon AWS do all of my heavy lifting.

The Production

My fingers hammered against my keyboard like sea anemones on amphetamines while I used Adobe Brackets to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Any eye candies I had a hand in editing were crafted by harnessing the superhuman power of Inkscape and The GIMP.

My heart belongs to Mozilla, because they make Firefox, my favorite web browser for over ten years. In the course of slapping this website together, I made pretty extensive use of Firebug, Colorblind Design, and Colorzilla. I also did testing in Chromium and Google Chrome.

It stands to reason that I should probably thank Canonical for the hard work that goes into Ubuntu, which is what I like to run on my computers at home.

How could I have done any of this without blasting some great music using Pithos to listen to Pandora stations?