Sound Advice on Giant Robots

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I want you all to read this post.

Today I stopped by Best Buy on the way home from work to pick up Doctor Strange: The Sorceror Supreme. While there I swung by the anime section just to see if there were any good deals. There it sat on the shelf.

Giant Robo. Box set. Fifteen dollars and ninety-nine cents.

I just about cried. Giant Robo is worth so much more than 16 dollars. But this is also a fucking bargain. You could easily blow 16 bucks on two people at Panera Bread, or you could go swing by Best Buy and get Giant Robo: The Animation (Perfect Collection).

I'm not telling you to buy this as a fan of the show. I'm telling you to spend 16 bucks on this box set as a friend. Giant Robo is easily one of the best animated series ever made. Period.

This isn't that creepy plastic Eye of Folger that some of you may have seen, but in this box set, you get all seven episodes plus the 3-part Gin Rei Special OAVs. Still not convinced you need to invest 16 dollars? Here's why I like Giant Robo.

  • Each episode has an original soundtrack done by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
  • The show is what happens when you take ideas and characters from Mitsuteru Yokoyama's entire career as a manga artist and put them together.
  • The story is absolutely over-the-top and as you Internet idiots put it "full of epic win"
  • Its villians: Big Fire, lead by The Magnificent Ten are fucking awesome and make evil look sexy
  • Its heroes: the Experts of Justice and the Big 9: awesome. Their leader can take out giant robots by himself.

Seriously, go buy it.

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