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7-zip is Superior

Okay, everyone, listen up! STOP USING THE ZIP FILE FORMAT LIKE NOW!!

If you make .zip or .rar archives at all (and most of you do), stop now. I want you to go download 7zip right now.

7-Zip is open source software. You can use it on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It is free (as in beer). Are you tired of those "Please Register WinZip" screens? 7-Zip can also create and read any of the following formats:

Podcasting is a Stupid Word

Podcasting is the stupidest word the "blogosphere" ever coined.

A Podcast is a fucking MP3 file. Last time I checked, we called these MP3 files. We've been doing so since 1994.

Hey, what happens when you use another music player to play an MP3 file? It fucking plays! If I had a mystical audio file that was called a Podcast, it would only be playable on a fucking iPod.

Digital audio recordings of interviews and events were around years before the iPod was even blueprinted.

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