Friday Afternoon Penmanship

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As I sit here at work — hopelessly distracted — I ponder the origin of the massive kink in my neck and debate which flavor of soda I should retrieve from the refrigerator.

I heave a heavy sigh as I type this, for the batteries in my CD player have just died. After fumbling awkwardly almost upside-down, I have successfully transposed the fresh, warm, full batteries in the charger under my desk with the recently depleted ones in the CD player.

Impatiently I await my vocational departure for the week. Upon arriving back at my humble abode, I shall finish tinkering with my pal Dustin's laptop and then promptly set upon my own for its well-deserved Ubuntu upgrade.

Most primarily, my thoughts dwell on the pleasant weather outside, and the potential for open car windows and emboldening rock music on my homeward voyage.


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