An ode to Dragon*Con 2009

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My Dragon*Con 2009 experience in rhyme.

  • Becky's costumes weren't complete; Gibney's rocks for beer and meat!
  • Drove a van twice for 12 hours; Dazzled the aquarium with spider powers.
  • Spent way too much on hotel liquor; Idiot Hokie fans made me snicker.
  • Cristi with leaves was almost nude; Becky gave blood and the poor girl spewed.
  • Serge had a fantastic old man beard; We bought some rum but it disappeared.
  • The Sheraton is where?; "I got your fav'rite bear!"
  • 2 hours in the registration line; The Women of DC were FINE.
  • Watched several panels on TV; Too many people in the Mariott Marquis!
  • Girl with ribbons thinks I'm Grade-A Meat; Reception was bad and I couldn't tweet.
  • For a costume Rob buzzed his head; Daphne got with Velma and ignored Fred.
  • FAIL: Metro Diner's shitty DJ; WIN: Deidre's Wonder Woman PJs.
  • Did nothing with my badge of 100 bucks; "DLISH" and "SITH LRD" on cars and on trucks.
  • No Kurt Wagner for year number two; Girl had this full-sleeve Labyrinth tattoo.
  • Granted Dusty some Thursday night succor; "Oh shit! I got you good, you fucker!"
  • Becky's unfinished costumes: "never again"; See everybody next year at Dragon*Con '10!

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