Maine Vacation 2016 Day 4

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We woke up in time to get breakfast. The Mira Monte always does a great job with egg bakes, oatmeal, and coffee. We said hello to a longtime family friend, Katherine, and talked with some of the other guests at the table.

Having a look at the weather, I decided it'd be best for us to take that day and go over to Schoodic Point in Winter Harbor. It's a breathtaking rock beach against the Atlantic.

Google Map of Mount Desert Island and Schootic Peninsula

I've gone here a number of times with my family, but it was amazing to take Colleen and give her eye candy and fuel for possible paintings.


I was so pleased with the weather. It was a balmy 60 °F. We spend a couple of hours here at the park. We even managed to walk over to Little Moose Island, which you can only cross over to during low tide. I'd actually never been over there before. We wandered around and built a cairn.

I also wanted to make sure we stopped into the Pickled Wrinkle, an adorable little pub over there in Birch Harbor. Crazy Deb's Seafood Stew is to die for. We had some beers and split a Golf Club and some tater tots, a $9 lunch, which  according to their menu is:

A triple-decker combination of natural (antibiotic, hormone and preservative free) ham, turkey and bacon with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, on toasted white or wheat bread. Try as a wrap!

Later that night, back in Bar Harbor, we invited our friend Katherine out to dinner at the Side Street Café which has — in my opinion — the best clam chowder in town. We had to wait about an hour for a table, so Colleen and I had a round at the Dog and Pony Tavern beforehand. I'd been in there once or twice off-season in January, and I'd always liked the place.

Anyway, dinner with Katherine was a great time. Afterwards, Colleen and I wandered over to a little hole in the wall called Leary's Landing.


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It's an Irish pub and in fact touts itself as being the easternmost and closest Irish pub to Ireland in America. On the wall hangs a toast above the television which I'd committed to memory some years ago.

When the sky is grey, look out to sea, when the waves are high and light is dying.
Raise a glass and think of me. When I'm home again, boys, I'll be buying.

They have a small barrel of Jameson they age in-house. Pretty tasty! Anyway, a couple of rounds here, then we wandered home and hit the sack.

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I have planned now that I will also arrange such kind of trip and will spend the lovely time in Maine with my buddies for having great enjoyment. I will go there as will be back from my las vegas tour from Los Angeles.

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Going around Maine and will love to book bus tour for having great vacations with mates. I am sure it will make my free time outstanding for me. Must say your post inspired me a lot to mark the name of Maine on a hit list.

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