Maine Vacation 2016 Day 5

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On the fifth day, I was excited to get up and take Colleen to Jordan's, famous for their blueberry pancakes. Aside from a couple cups of coffee and said famous pancakes, we also split a lobster omlette. Our server was a delight (her name escapes me).


Breakfast! #maine #vacation #barharbor

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It was a beautiful morning and we decided to take a walk along the Shore Path. A cruise ship was in town (no surprise there) — I think it was from the Netherlands. Lots of her passengers were on the shore path with us. Having spent way too long screwing around with balance rock, we got to the end of the trail, walked past the hospital, and back through town.

A bit later, we decided to cross over to Bar Island, and we found an abandoned mylar balloon. Seems like we missed the party, but we helped clean up afterward.

On the way back, we stopped in at the Thirsty Whale again. I have yet to find a pub in any neighborhood that beats this place. Afterwards, this gem happened:

We stepped inside the Argosy Gallery and had a chat with the woman there about local artists. Colleen got some inspiration for some upcoming oil and watercolor pieces.

That night, we got dressed up for a romantic date night, and had an amazing dinner at Galyn's. It was important! Colleen got her first steamed lobster here. Everything from the cocktails to the food was just perfect. After dinner we left the restaurant to find it raining pretty hard.

I jogged to get the car and picked Colleen up at the door. We decided to retreat to hot baths and cold whiskey. We fell asleep listening to a crackling fire and the raindrops on the wooden porch.

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