Les Stroud > Bear Grylls

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Tonight at 9:00pm marks the premiere of season 2 of Survivorman!

Last week, I surmised that Les Stroud is Aragorn and MacGyver put together. Because Les Stroud is a damn beast I wanted to point out why he and his show are better than Bear Grylls and Man vs. Wild.

  • Goal: Les is dropped off and has to stay in the wilderness for seven days. Bear is dropped off and has to find civilization, whatever span of time this is (usually 2-3 days).
  • Cameras: Bear has a crew of cameramen follow him around filming, occasionally doing staged shots. Les carries around 50lbs. of camera equipment and films everything himself, often leaving a camera somewhere to get a shot then walking right back for it (Master Shake would say "Survivorman is a documentary filmed in real time")
  • Talent: Les plays a mean harmonica. Bear plays no instruments.
  • Misc: Yeah, Bear has abs, broke his back in 3 places, and lost toes climbing everest, but whatever. Les slept next to a fucking polar bear.

Grylls: I once drank water from elephant feces!
Stroud: You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?


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