Red Steel

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Well, last week I completed Red Steel, so I thought I'd give a brief reflection of the game.

You play Scott, a speechless (not one line) tough-guy/bodyguard whose fiancee is abducted by the Yakuza. You must track her down and restore honor to her father's Yakuza clan by storming the Japanese underground.

Ubisoft's Red Steel succeeds at proving the Wii controller and Nunchuk attachment are extremely useful for FPS titles. Aiming was comfortable and quick, however turning around was a bit slow. The ability to slow down time, aim your shots (be it kills or disarms), then let time resume and fire them all was a great idea. I liked the system of getting respect points for sparing your enemies.

You used the nunchuk to pick up weapons, reload, open doors, and launch grenades. It was very comfortable an natural. You had a short sword, and at point-blank range, you can slice a guy with it, but it was difficult to register.

The swordplay, however, was a travesty. Controls were unresponsive and sluggish, and the swordplay maneuvers were too difficult to get off because of the zany control recognition. To top it off, your enemies could attack more frequently than you could.

The graphics would have been considered shoddy on the GameCube. While I'll be the first to tell you that graphics don't matter, you expect more from a next-gen title; the Wii is capable of more. The cut-scenes were laughable: resembling a paper puppet show. Not to mention you couldn't skip them if you had to restart a level. The audio was good - I liked the sound score.

The level design was fine, I don't play enough First Person Shooters to need unique and esoteric levels. Some scenes included office buildings, docks, factories, and geisha houses. There was one level that took place in a fun house that was really interesting. Bad guy AI was pretty good, but those guys aim as well as Cobra soldiers.

The story was not terrible, but it sure had a crap ending, the kind where you bust your ass through a game and it's "CONGRATULATIONS! END."

There's multiplayer, but I haven't tried it because there aren't enough Nunchuks to go around :) It's probably no Goldeneye, though.

Anyway, it was fun to play through, but by no stretch was it a great game.