The Devil Is a Part-Timer!


Yet another light novel series made its way into an anime adaptation. Picture a bloodthirsty demon king hell-bent on the domination of the world of Enta Isla. When confronted by a group of heroes, he flees through a portal that whisks him off to modern day Tokyo. Devoid of magic power, the demon king is forced to become a Regular Joe named Sadao Maou and get a job at a fast food joint. This one clocks in at thirteen episodes and covers the first three volumes of the light novel series.

Violinist of Hameln


The magical kingdom of Sforzend is troubled by the threat of the demons to the North. The demons are looking to revive their great leader, the Demon King Chestra. Sforzend’s only hope is five heroes. Hamel – a violinist who practices magical music, Raiel – his childhood friend and fellow magical musician that plays the piano, Obo – a wise bird capable of speech, Flute – the future queen of Sforzend, and Trombone, the warrior prince of Sforzend’s neighboring nation, Dalsegno.

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