Maine Vacation 2016 Day 7

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Day seven was the long drive home.

We made it a point to have breakfast at the Mira Monte one last time. In doing so, we had a wonderful conversation with Greg Burns, Marian's grandson. We talked about Marian, and the Inn, and he and Colleen talked shop about art. We said our goodbyes to the staff and headed out.

I had wanted Colleen to see the top of Cadillac Mountain before we left, so we tried to drive up there and scope it out. Unfortunately, it was pretty busy late on a Saturday morning, so we parked briefly and walked around, but soon we had enough of the tourists and got back in the car.

In passing through Ellsworth, we drove around a little bit, and remarked about maybe looking for houses there someday.

No two ways about it, the drive home was long and not fun. No real traffic to speak of, but driving away from a week of great memories is never easy.

Since it was the middle of October in New England, I asked Colleen to read me some ghost stories that she could find on the Internet. We stopped infrequently and tried to make the most of our trip home.

The last couple of hours were pretty rough, but we got home safely, anxious to get back to Maine next year.

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I will be free after niagara fall tours from new york and would like to have fun in Maine in vacations. Must say this plan is really cool and let me inspire to be there soon as I could.

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Maine is known for its summer destinations so will be there after california bus tours to make more fun memories this summer. must say your blog helpful a lot to make a decision.

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